Should You Buy A Home Mold Testing Kit

Should You Buy A Home Mold Testing Kit


Ok, are you wondering whether you might have mold growing in your house? You don’t necessarily have to panic if you do because almost every home has a little mold of some kind. However, the issue can be how much mold and what kind it is. Before you call in a professional to answer this question for you, why not buy your own home mold testing kit and find out if you should worry or not before spending a lot more money?

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, you should get a mold testing kit:

Have you already saw evidence of mold or have had recent water leaks of any kind?

Have you noticed damp or musty odors coming from certain rooms in the home, in your attic or crawlspace even though you have not found any leaks or water damage?

Has there been a lot of unexplained cold like symptoms or rashes in any family members or pets in the home?

Do you have a pregnant woman, small children or anyone with a compromised immune system in the home?

Why You Must Test

All of the things above are valid reasons to test your your home for mold. Even a small amount of mold can cause health issues in many people. Also, once mold has caused damage in your home, it can be expensive to removed. Black mold can literally destroy the value of your home if it gets really out of hand. An inexpensive test kit can set your mind at ease in determining whether or not mold is present and what kind of mold it is when you buy the right kit. If you want to know where to buy black mold test kits you can look online or check with your local department store.

Find the Test For You

Since there are many types of mold, you need to get a general idea of which kit is right for you. If you want to do a thorough job, you may need more than one type of kit. There are kits that are used to test surfaces by swabbing dust and then following the remaining instructions. There are test kits that detect spores and allergy-causing mold-particulates in the air of your home, even stachybotrys that can be missed sometimes with some air kits. Certain kits can provide you with almost instant results at home and some kits are connected with laboratories and you will have to mail in the samples you collect and wait for a result.

It is very important that you follow all directions that come with your kit or kits regardless of which ones you choose to go with. Not following directions carefully may result in getting an inaccurate or false reading.

Even if you are only suspicious that there might be mold in your home, it is important to do the testing.

Hidden mold can be the worst kind, especially if it’s black mold. If you were to find black mold is present, then you could end up having to call a water damage expert anyway, but why not make sure you need to first?There is no sense in calling in a pro right away and spend more money than necessary when a less expensive home mold testing kit can give you the answers you need.